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Sex, Masculinity & God: The Trialogues

Future discourses on sexuality, masculinity & spirituality

The Book:

From the reality of sexual difference, to the embodiment of love, and the fearless confrontation with death.

New ideas about the nature of sexuality, the evolutionary role of masculine form, and the meaning of the transcendental.

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Sex, Masculinity and God: The Trialogues is first and foremost an open exploration of the unknown and the forbidden. This exploration is navigated by three men of different existential style, belief and desire; but three men united in struggle to understand the nature of sexual energy, the difficulties of masculine identity, and connection to some other or beyond of the self. The adventure starts with a focus on the division producing what we refer to as masculine and feminine energy or identity. Instead of closing this difference up with intuitions of unification, their discourse plays in sexual difference in order to see what new territories can be discovered in the fields of science, religion and psychoanalysis. In play, what emerges include reflections on the meaning of historical identity, complexities of contemporary identification, paradoxes of new masculine movements, struggles of emotional negativity, disorientation of ethical duty and moral coherence, weird otherness of possible future technologies, and the strange unity of love and death. There are no final answers in this text, as it relates to sexual energy, masculine identity, or metaphysical meaning, but rather an invitation to open fully to even deeper levels of the unknown and the forbidden.


  • Preface I, II, III
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Reality of Sexual Difference
  • Chapter 2: Historical Emergence of Traditional Archetypes
  • Chapter 3: Religious and Evolutionary Worldviews
  • Chapter 4: Gender Trouble – Challenges of Queer Theory
  • Chapter 5: Masculinity and Masculine Movements
  • Chapter 6: Nature of Pain and Suffering in Sexuality
  • Chapter 7: Relations and Absolutes
  • Chapter 8: Ethics and Morality in the Sexual Space
  • Chapter 9: The Future of Sexuality
  • Chapter 10: Love and Death
  • Conclusion

(All chapters complete with complimentary original illustrations)

(Watch the original recordings here)

Meet the Authors

General thinker interested in questions about human existence and evolution. He is author of Global Brain Singularity, a book focused on the nature of temporality and the future of consciousness. The tension between sex and love, as well as death and immortality, drives much of his current philosophical work. He is also co-founder and facilitator of a school exploring how new forms of thought emerge.

Coach, mentor, and archetypal Visionary driven to offering his voice and presence to improving the lives of people all over the world. Through his podcast “The (R)Evolution”, online courses, evolutionary men’s work, and private mentorship, he teaches others how to create more impact and success, ignite polarity in relationship, and claim their kingdom.

Spiritual inquirer, curious researcher and coach for the positive evolution of humankind. He managed several research and healing institutions and gives talks and workshops all over the world around topics of consciousness and spiritual experiences. He is currently building a center for the exploration of daily spiritual practice.


Sex, Masculinity, God: The Trialogue is an extraordinary and unique attempt to address, in contemporary context, what is doubtlessly one of the most important and persistent questions of human existence: sexuality. Three different voices, perspectives, approaches, continuously moving between experience and speculation, take as their starting point the eternal contemporaneity of sex and its irreducible real. The book is an ingenious, original attempt to square — or shall we say to triangle — the circle of this real.”

Alenka Zupančič, philosopher, author of What is Sex? and Ethics of the Real

Sex, Masculinity, God is a provocative and insightful exploration of the philosophy of human sexuality. The book represents a much-needed elevation of the discussion around contemporary masculinity and sexual polarity.”

Zachary Stockill, Author, Host of Humans in love podcast

“I once watched a movie called Mindwalk. In this 1990 classic, three friends walk around Mont. St. Michael, France, and wax the poetic on topics from science to politics to relationships. While reading Sex, Masculinity and God: The Trialogues, I had a similar experience. I felt like I was a voyeur watching three brilliant men discuss important topics relevant to the changes in Masculinity today. I loved how they compared, contrasted, and complimented each other. It showed for me a must-needed, powerful set of viewpoints on how men can grow and expand in these confusing times. A Must Read!”

RObert Kandell, entrepreneur, Author of Unhidden: A book for men and
creator of the tuff love podcast

“Being able “to human” well is perhaps the deepest art and challenge we face as individuals in our socio-cultural and bio-physical lifeworlds. This book by Last, Orosz and Dick engages the reader in thoughtful conversation around this existential topic from a powerful perspective. It represents a triple-tripartite conversation, at the first level as a thoughtful and thought provoking exchange among the three authors, presented as a true co-constructive conversation dedicated to the playful, respectful and serious joint creation of meaning. At the second level, it is a thematic exploration of the ways in which identity – our very essence of being human – is shaped through the interplay of the constructs and expressions of sex, masculinity and God. And at the third level, this book breaks the 4th wall of narrative by bringing the reader into the conversation in a way that makes the exploration of these themes both a reflective and reflexive exchange among reader, authors and perennial conceptions of self and the transcendence of self. In quite profound ways, this work takes reason on a journey through the cycles of life, death, and the élan vital of being that creates the dance we do between them – the dance of the ouroboros.”

Alexander Laszlo, systems scientist, president of the
Bertalanffy Center for the study of systems science (BCSSS)

“In this delightful philosophical romp, three men from different backgrounds dive deep into the many dimensions of Eros – love, sex, relationships, gender, power, desire. The book is presented in a trialogue form, reminiscent of Platonic dialogues or the novels of ideas of 18th century philosophes. In a time when culture is skewed toward the superficial and slick, I found it very refreshing to enter into this intricate thought stream, which allowed for endless refractions around its central themes. Many will enjoy this excavation.”

Daniel Pinchbeck, Philosopher, author of Breaking Open the Head: A psychedelic Journey into the heart of contemporary shamanism, 2012: the Return of Quetzacoatl, Notes from the Edge times and How soon is Now?

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